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Iron Making

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Iron Making

Expertise/Research Areas

  • Characterization of high temperature properties of BF burden material
  • Introduction of Coated Tuyeres in BF
  • Improving productivity and Decrease in coke rate of BF through optimization of burden distribution, blast parameters etc.
  • Enhancement of PCI rate in BF
  • Stabilization of Bigger Blast Furnace operation (> 4000 m3)
  • Automatic control of Raceway Adiabatic Flame Temperature (RAFT)
  • Optimization of Slag Regime of BF
  • Alternate fuel (PCI, coal tar, CBM/NG etc.) injection in BF
  • Co-injection of Flux & PCI in Blast Furnace
  • Revival of Blast Furnace after hearth chilling
  • Blast Furnace hearth protection measures
  • Enhancing Campaign life of BF
  • Alkali management
  • Diagnosis of irregularities in BF and their control
  • Techno-economic evaluation of BF process
  • BF process evaluation through probes and sensor
  • Shotcreting, Banking, Blow Down & Blowing-in of Blast Furnace
  • Thermal Scanning of BF & stoves to identify weak areas
  • Refractory & Cooling System of BF
  • Sponge Iron, Scrap usage in BF
  • Consultancy services in the field of Blast furnace iron making (Kalinga iron works, Sesa Goa and others) setting up R & D facilities in the field of iron making



           Softening-Melting Determination Apparatus                                                                                                    High Temperature Viscometer