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Product development and material characterization

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Research facilities

§  Metallography - Physical Metallurgy

o    Optical Microscope, Olympus GX71

o    Image Analysis System, LEICA-DMRME

o    Micro-Hardness Testing Machine, Metatech

o    SEM(Make-Carl Zeiss) along with EBSD & EDS (Make-Oxford)

o    FESEM (Make-Carl Zeiss) alongwith  EDS&EBSD (Make-EDAX)

o    200 KeV Transmission Electron Microscope, JEOL JEM 2100

o    Liquid Nitrogen Generator, Kelvin International M280X2T

§  Mechanical Testing 

o    100 kN computerised servo-hydraulic Universal testing machine, MTS-810

o    100 kN computerised servo-hydraulic Universal testing machine, INSTRON 8801

o    100 kN Static electro-mechanical Universal testing machine, INSTRON-1195

o    200 Nm Rotary bend fatigue tester, Roell-Amsler UBM 200

o    360 J Pendulum impact tester, TINIUS OLSEN

o    Digital rockwell hardness tester, Instron Wolpert

o    Digital universal hardness tester, EMCO-TEST

o    Ferritscope HELMUT FISCHER GmbH

§  Chemical Analysis

o    RIGAKU ZSX PRIMUS II  X-Ray fluorescence Spectrometer (XRF)

o    BRUKER Q8 MAGELLAN Optical Emission spectrometer (OES)

o    PerkinElmer Inductively Coupled Plasma Spectrometer (ICP), Optima 2100DV

o    BRUKER CSHF G4 ICARUS Carbon-Sulphur Analyser

o    LECO TCH-600 Oxygen Nitrogen Hydrogen gas analyzer

o    MERK Ultrapure water purification system

§  Corrosion Testing

o    Multi-channel potentiostat, PAR VERSASTAT MC

o    Potentiostat, EG&G PAR 273A with Frequency Response Detector, PAR FRD 100

o    Cyclic salt fog corrosion test chamber, WEISS UMWELTTECHNIK, SC/ KWT 450

o    Thermal analysis system (TG-DTA), NETZSCH STA-409

o    Proof rings for Sulphide Stress Corrosion (SSC) Testing (as per NACE TM 0177), CORTEST

o    HIC set-up for Hydrogen Induced Cracking (HIC) Testing (as per NACE TM 0284)

o    Slow Strain Rate Testing (SSRT) machine, CORTEST

§  Process Simulation

o    Thermo-Mechanical Simulation (Gleeble)

§  Process Simulation

§  Continuous casting

§  Hot rolling

§  Forging

§  Mushy zone processing

§  Weld HAZ

§  Strip annealing

§  Heat treatment

§  Thermal or thermo-mechanical cycling

§  Phase Transformation/ Dilatometry

§  On heating/ cooling

§  Continuous or non-continuous

§  Isothermal

§  Post deformation

§  Materials Characterization

§  Hot tensile testing

§  Hot compression testing

o    Uniaxial compression

o    Plane strain compression

o    Strain-induced crack opening

§  Fatigue testing

o    Thermal fatigue

o    Thermo-mechanical fatigue

§  Creep/ stress rupture

§  Stress relaxation studies

§  Nil strength temperature determination

§  Nil ductility temperature determination

o    Hot dip process simulation

§  Hot dip process simulation

§  Hot dip metallic coating (Processes & Products)

§  Annealing process

§  Galvanising process in continuous galvanising line

§  Zn-Al/ Zn-Fe coating process

§  High temperature materials, creep and stress rupture studies

§  Software

o    Thermo-Calc